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Our products and services are widely used in electronic information, energy, automotive, medical and health industries. We work closely with industrial chains to promote industrial development.

  • Electronic Information
    Electronic Information
    With the vigorous development of the global electronic information industry, GHTECH promotes the development of electronic information materials by virtue of its strong technical strength in the field of special chemicals, and provides strong support for PCB, semiconductors, elec...
  • Automobile
    Li-ion batteries are an important part of new energy vehicles. GHTECH provides high-performance automotive battery materials relying on advanced separation and purification technology. At the same time, GHTECH's products are widely used in the manufacturing process of automotive ...
  • Energy
    GHTECH actively lays out the device-level and material-level life cycle technologies of lithium batteries. Based on the harmless treatment technology, intelligent cascade utilization technology is used as a bridge to provide high-performance power battery materials. At the same t...
  • Medical Health
    Medical Health
    GHTECH pays attention to the development of medical and health industry, establishes diversified channels of chemical reagent products, provides its own brand and acts as an agent for top foreign brand products, which are widely used in scientific research, testing, medicine and ...
  • Internet
    GHTECH continues to explore the Internet + chemical pattern. Now through the efficient integration of products and logistics, we have established the Guanghuayigou E-commerce platform, making full use of the new generation of information technology, such as Internet, big data and...
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