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GHTECH is committed to the research and development of lithium battery life cycle technology. At present, we have mastered the production technology of lithium materials, patented technology of lithium battery pack disassembly, cascade utilization and recovery of valuable metals, and explored and established the mechanism and technical standards of cascade utilization and recovery of new energy automotive power batteries. In 2018,GHTECH becomes one of the first five enterprise meeting the Specifications for Comprehensive Utilization of Used and Scrapped Power Batteries of New Energy Automobile in China.
Li-ion Battery Material
Relying on the advanced separation and purification technology, we introduce advanced international battery material production equipment to provide high-performance battery materials.
Comprehensive Utilization of Traction Batteries
Comprehensive Utilization of Traction Batteries
Under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, GHTECH and the Provincial Economic and Credit Commission signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the recovery and utilization of new energy automotive power batteries, and launched a pilot project on the recovery and reuse of new energy automotive traction batteries. At present, GHTECH has reached strategic cooperation in traction batteries recycling with BAIC Group, Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus, Guangxi Hope Automobiles, etc.
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